Bioidentical Hormone Replacement FAQ’s

What are bioidentical hormones made of that are used in natural hormone replacement therapy?

They are derived from a natural plant source of yam and hand compounded to be biologically compatible to the human form of estradiol and testosterone. The body is given what it can no longer produce through hormone replacement therapy.

What are some of the benefits pellet hormone replacement therapy offer?

The quality of life given back to every man and woman is second to none. Our patients have reported:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Restored or increased sexual drive
  • Consistency in moods (no more roller coaster effect)
  • Relief from anxiety and depression
  • Increased mental focus and clarity
  • Decreased body fat
  • Greater capacity for getting the body in shape

How to I start Bioidentical Hormone Therapy with Kristin Black and New Day Wellness Center?

The first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Black to determine if you are a patient that can benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The first step is to contact our office in Charlotte at 800-775-4902 Ext. 361 and our staff can schedule you for a consultation appointment and prepare a lab order for you to have some key blood tests conducted. We will prepare a lab order for an independent lab testing facility to conduct several tests and provide us with the results on a blood sample that you provide. You can provide our blood sample at blood draw center convenient to your home or work or at one of our office locations. As part of the consultation Kristin Black, M.D. will review results from key blood tests to determine if BHRT is an appropriate treatment for you. If you are a candidate and you choose to have treatment through New Day Wellness Center, your treatment can take place the same day as your consultation or a later date if you prefer. If for some reason Dr. Black does not determine that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy would be an appropriate treatment, as a board certified medical doctor, she can provide other treatment methods or provide you with recommendations to discuss with your primary care provider.

How often will I need to come back to the office to receive pellets?

It depends on the person, but anywhere from four to six months. In addition during your first treatment, Dr. Kristin Black and New Day Wellness Center schedule patients to return in four weeks to determine if the desired hormone levels are achieved and that symptoms being experienced initially have been alleviated. At this time an additional treatment to fine tune the dosage may be recommended.

How long does it take for the hormones to get into my system and work?

Most of our patients receiving pellet therapy say that they feel “like their old selves” within one to two weeks from the insertion. But when an individual begins to feel better depends on each person’s unique situation and is greatly influenced by her or his initial hormone levels or “starting point.”

I have a low or no libido. Can hormone replacement therapy help?

Good hormone balance can greatly improve your sexual desires.

As a women receiving hormone replacement therapy will I grow unwanted hair from the testosterone?

There is less chance of hair growth with biologically identical hormones used in our hormone replacement therapy than the use of synthetic hormones.

Do I need other hormone replacement therapy medications?

Unless a woman’s uterus has been removed, women will also need progesterone to protect the uterine lining.