The History of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy:

The use of Hormones to treat menopause symptoms has been around longer than we might realize. In ancient China aging women of royalty consumed dried blood from young women’s menses, because it contained greater amounts of estrogen and progesterone and testosterone. Very interesting that in ancient China they didn’t use dried blood or urine from a horse. Why would we do such a thing today?

James Collip, a Canadian researcher first extracted the oral-active estrogen from a pregnant woman and used for relief of menopausal symptoms in the 1930’s. In 1941 Ayerst manufactured the conjugated estrogen taken from urine of a pregnant horse and was branded under the name of Premarin, which was the most widely prescribed drug by 1992. More recently Premarin has been proven to be the cause of serious health concerns like breast cancer reported by the Women’s Health Initiative and sparked a clear need for a healthier avenue for hormones therapy.

In the 1980’s the British Medical Journal announced bioidentical hormone therapy as a new approach to the synthetic hormones causing negative symptoms. Dr. John R. Lee and Jonathan Wright pioneered the world of BHRT in the US. Lee focused on custom compounding bioavailable hormone therapy to replace deficiencies shown through saliva testing with much success in patient care.

While Dr. Jonathan Wright was challenged by a patient who came in for help with supplementing her decreasing hormones in 1982. As a Nature Path Doctor he began to prescribe her Premarin, she being an educated school-teacher stated that she didn’t want hormones from a horse she wanted natural hormones. She said, “Don’t horses have different hormones than humans?” He said, “Yes”, and she replied, “See what you can do and I will be back in 3 months”. Dr. Wright went to work to find a compounding pharmacy that used natural hormones supplying the classical estrogens known at that time.

Suzanne Somers appeared on the scene as a Champion for the use of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in 2006. She has written numerous books describing her frustration with hormonal imbalances and her successes in supplementing her body with the appropriate amounts creating a harmonious inner environment where she has regained her zestful, healthy life. In her books she has researched doctors all over getting the inside scoop on these tiny hormones that play big roles in our lives. Somers has been sharing her wisdom gained from her own experiences with menopause, cancer and hormone balancing and given conventional doctors a voice and is educating the nation with her vibrant health as a professional 60year old mother and wife how to regain hormonal balance naturally.

Oprah and many other celebrities are using BHRT and there are many professional websites providing you with information on the importance of using Bioidentical Hormones over synthetics. Now doctors specializing in BHRT all over the country are more easily recognized and available for you to take control of your hormonal health.

This area of health care has grown from treating menopause symptoms to a new surge in Anti-Aging Medicine where age takes on a new look, a new name and a new way of being. It’s called the fountain of youth and the answer was inside of us the entire time. As we restore our proper hormone balance our body continues to thrive!